Dynamic IP Access Solution.
“ We solve Dynamic IP Problem  : MyDnsVHosts Software to allow fast,secure & reliable access  to your Networks , Servers & Devices anywhere,  using  your choosen DNS Name".

MyDnsVHosts for Fast & Secure 
Dynamic IP Updates

" Using MyDnsVHosts Software you can be sure to have an interactive , fast & secure IP updater  System "


7 Days FREE Trial - Automatic activation upon Installation


Here's its most important features:

MyDnsVHosts is a powerfull Software

Important points to know why to use it….

Simple & easy Software to setup and to use  !

Unlike most DDNS softwares, this IP updater is very fast

Secure to access your Networks,Devices,Data Bases etc....

Interactive : Without access Interruptions

DNS Server with fast Domain Name IP propagation

The Activation fee = 20 times cheaper than static IP adress fees

Only $1 /mo Activation

Yearly Activation  !

Requirements: Runs on Windows OS (32bits OR 64bits) & Linux ( Ubuntu 32bits OR 64bits). with active Internet Connection

For Support Issue, Please Contact Us At: mydns@vegahosts.com

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